MQP - Robot Modeling and Controller Development

We have a pair of 4-axis high-speed industrial robots that were recently acquired. The robots have integrated position sensing and are powered by DC servo motors. This project is focused on a full system development of a controller for these robots from scratch. Components of the project will include: 1) modeling the kinematics and dynamics of the robots, 2) developing custom hardware to interface with the robot connections, 3) developing the controller electronics, 4) implementing low-level controllers that allow for joint level and Cartesian position control, velocity control, and force control, and 5) developing an interface to the robot. The endpoint of the project is a robot controller suitable for use as an active research platform. Other related projects include development of end effectors and control algorithms (specifically ones taking advantage of a pair of identical robots working together on a common task).

Please contact Prof. Gregory Fischer to get involved in the project.

Pair of Sony SRX-3CH Industrial Robots

Robot Modeling and Controller Development