MQP - PhleBot: The Robotic Phebotomist


With an increase in the average age of the population due to increasing life expectancy, healthcare systems around the world are suffering from a shortage of personnel such as nurses that undertake routine tasks in patient care. Phlebotomy is one such task for obtaining specimens from the patient. Automation of this task by a robotic appliance will greatly expedite clinical procedures while also achieving process consistency. This is important for patient diagnosis, which is very dependent on the laboratory test results. For this reason, the development and construction of a fully automated robotic phlebotomist, PhleBot ©, is proposed. The project aims to design, test and realize a market ready device capable of automatically locating a suitable vein and positioning a needle in it, ready to extract blood. The device has to be robust enough to achieve higher performance than a human phlebotomist and resilient to operation in difficult environments such as battle fields or inside moving ambulances.

Students Involved

  • Paulo Carvalho
  • Anurag Kesari
  • Sean M Weaver

Project Advisors