Modular MRI Compatible Robot Controller

The unavailability of robot control interfaces that are compatible with the MRI environment has severely limited the ability to do research in the field. The high cost of entry into MRI robotics has been primarily due to the need for each researcher to develop and evaluate their control system in the scanner. We have developed an MRI compatible robot controller that sits in the scanner room without interfering with scanner imaging. The controller is modular and allows many different inputs and output and communicates to a high level planning and navigation software workstation through fiber optic connections.

MRI Compatible Powered Electronics Case

The purpose of this project is to create a platform for the housing and powering of MRI compatible devices and controllers. The unit has so far been designed to house electronic, pneumatic, and hydraulic devices, while supplying varying levels of AC and DC power.

Programmable Piezo-electric Motor Driver

To create an MR compatible modular device capable of being controlled by a variety of control styles, while having the ability to drive a variety of piezo electric motors with highly specific arbitrary waveforms.

Video describing our Modular Approach to Rapid Development of MRI-Guided Robotic Assistants for Minimally Invasive Surgical Interventions:

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