Piezoelectrically Actuated MRI-Compatible Robot for Prostate Interventions

MRI has potential to be a superior medical imaging modality for guiding and monitoring prostatic interventions. MRI can provide high-quality 3D visualization of prostate and surrounding tissue. However, the benefits can not be readily harnessed for interventional procedures due to difficulties that surround the use of highfield (1.5T or greater). The strong magnetic field prevents the use of conventional mechatronics and the confined physical space makes it extremely challenging to access the patient. We have designed a robotic assistant system that overcomes these difficulties and promises safe and reliable intra-prostatic needle placement inside closed high-field MRI scanners.

6-DOF Cylindrical Approach Prostate Intervention Robot

We have developed the first prototype of a MRI-compatible piezoelectric actuated robot integrated with a high-resolution fiber optic sensor for prostate brachytherapy with real-time in situ needle steering capability in 3T MRI. The 6-DOF robot consists of a modular 3-DOF needle driver with fiducial tracking frame and a 3-DOF actuated Cartesian stage. The needle driver provides needle cannula rotation and translation (2-DOF) and stylet translation (1-DOF). The driver mimics the manual physician gesture by two point grasping.

MRI prostate robot.jpg

6-DOF Conical Approach Prostate Intervention Robot

By leveraging a novel mechanism, the 2nd version of the 6-DOF manipulator provides 2-DOF Cartesian motion, 2-DOF pitch and yaw motion and 2-DOF needle translation/rotation motion. Primarily built up with dielectric materials, it utilizes parallel mechanism and is compact in size to fit into the limited space of close-bore MRI scanner. The platform is designed to serve a modular base for needle-based surgical procedures which usually require positioning and orientation control for accurate imaging plane alignment. In the primary application, this modular manipulator is coupled with a 2-DOF needle driver module for prostate interventional applications. In addition, this robotic system provides software programmed remote center of motion and is capable of more dexterous prostate intervention.

MRI prostate robot Parallel.JPG

MRI-compatible Concentric Tube Robot

This 4-DOF concentric tube robot utilizes three super elastic tubes. By controlling the translation and rotation motion of each tube, it is one type of steerable needle that is capable of generating controllable curved shapes to follow anatomical constraints and reach surgical cites that are traditionally inaccessible. The potential application of this tool is MRI-guided neurological biopsy and ablation. This work is collaborated with Vanderbilt university.


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