MQP - Indoor Navigation and Manipulation using a Segway RMP Platform

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The goal of this project was to work with a Segway RMP, utilizing it in an assistive-technology manner. This encompassed navigation and manipulation aspects of robotics. First, background research was conducted to develop a blueprint for the robot. The hardware, software, and configuration of the given RMP were updated, and a robotic arm was designed to extend the platform’s capabilities. The robot was programmed to accomplish semi-autonomous multi-floor navigation through the use of the navigation stack in ROS (Robot Operating System), image detection, and a user interface. The robot can navigate through the hallways of the building, using the elevator to travel between floors. The robotic arm was designed to accomplish basic tasks, such as pressing a button and picking an object up off of a table. The Segway RMP is designed to be utilized and expanded upon as a robotics research platform.

Students Involved

  • Christopher Dunkers
  • Brian Hetherman
  • Paul Monahan
  • Samuel Naseef

Project Advisors