RBE3001 - Unified Robotics III, Fall A-Term 2010

RBE 3001. Unified Robotics III.

Third of a four-course sequence introducing foundational theory and practice of robotics engineering from the fields of computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. The focus of this course is actuator design, embedded computing and complex response processes. Concepts of dynamic response as relates to vibration and motion planning will be presented. The principles of operation and interface methods various actuators will be discussed, including pneumatic, magnetic, piezoelectric, linear, stepper, etc. Complex feedback mechanisms will be implemented using software executing in an embedded system. The necessary concepts for real-time processor programming, re-entrant code and interrupt signaling will be introduced. Laboratory sessions will culminate in the construction of a multi-module robotic system that exemplifies methods introduced during this course.

Course material will be posted on the myWPI site.

The course page with additional material can be found here: Material for RBE 3001

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