ME501/RBE501 - Robot Dynamics, Spring Semester 2013

Prof. Fischer will be teaching Robot Dynamics in Spring Semester 2013.

This course is cross listed as ME 501 and RBE 501.

Class Time:
Tues, 5:00-7:50pm, SL411

News: RBE 501 and ME501 are now both offered as online versions. the online version will run concurrently with the in-person course.

The course website can be found at:

The course textbook is:
Robot Modeling and Control by Spong et al.

Course Description:
Foundations and principles of robotic manipulation. Topics include computational models of objects and motion, the mechanics of robotic manipulators, the structure of manipulator control systems, planning and programming of robot actions. The focus of this class is on the kinematics and programming of robotic mechanisms. Important topics also include the dynamics, control, sensor and effector design, and automatic planning methods for robots. The fundamental techniques apply to arms, mobile robots, active sensor platforms, and all other computer-controlled kinematic linkages. The primary applications include robotic arms and mobile robots and lab projects would involve programming of representative robots. An end of term team project would allow students to program robots to participate in challenges or competitions. Prerequisite: RBE 500 or equivalent.

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