BME595/RBE595/ME593 - Biomedical Robotics, Spring C-Term 2012

Prof. Fischer will be teaching a new course Biomedical Robotics in Spring C-Term 2012.

This course is cross listed as RBE 595, BME 595, ME 593.

Class Time:
Tues & Fri, 2:00-3:50pm, SL406

Course Description:
This course will provide an overview of a multitude of biomedical applications of robotics. Applications covered include: image-guided surgery, percutaneous therapy, localization, robot-assisted surgery, simulation and augmented reality, laboratory and operating room automation, robotic rehabilitation, and socially assistive robots. Specific subject matter includes: medical imaging, coordinate systems and representations in 3D space, robot kinematics and control, validation, haptics, teleoperation, registration, calibration, image processing, tracking, and human-robot interaction. Topics will be discussed in lecture format followed by interactive discussion of related literature. The course will culminate in a team project covering one or more of the primary course focus areas.

The course website can be found at:

Prerequisite: RBE 500 and RBE 501 or equivalent. Please contact Prof. Fischer if you are uncertain about your background.

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